Need Some Help?

Why some people need help

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness changes your life quickly and dramatically. Sadly, most people receive this life altering news via a telephone call from their family doctor. I am sure everyone living with diabetes remembers where they were when they received the news of their diagnosis.

After diagnosis, most people are sent off to a Diabetes Education Program. Here they are taught all they need to know to face the future living with diabetes. Most of these programs are excellent and some people adjust quickly to incorporate all of this information into their lives. Their families and friends are supportive and life goes on.

But not everyone is this lucky. Some feel swamped with all this new information about food and medication. Some people have never read a Nutrition Facts food label in their lives and don’t really have a clue what it all means.

Others are just completely overwhelmed. They feel sad and alone, wondering why this has happened to them and because they don’t really understand all this new information, they basically ignore it. They’ve heard about the possible complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes, but that won’t necessarily happen to them and even if it does, it won’t be for years, right?

Coming to terms with diabetes and learning all you need to know and do to manage this illness can be overwhelming. After all, diabetes is a disease that you, the patient, treat every day. The person with diabetes makes the treatment decisions: what, how much and when to eat; how frequently to test blood sugar; how often to exercise; what time of day to take medication, etc. Every single day, diabetics make the choices which determine if their diabetes is under control or not.

And let’s face it: diabetes is relentless. It’s always there, at the dinner table, when you travel, go out with friends, or are preparing for an exam. It’s definitely there whenever you feel slightly unwell, wondering if your sugar is too high or maybe too low. You can never really forget about it.

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